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Nassau, Bahamas

Exclusive Shore Excursion

Forts, History and Pirates


This Nassau tour gives you a great overview and understanding of modern day Nassau through the lens of history, starting with the Lucayan Arawaks.

The original inhabitants of the Bahamas, the Lucayans were the first natives to encounter Christopher Columbus on his travels to the Americas. Learn about their peaceful, primitive culture and their ultimate demise at the hands of the early Western colonizers.

At your Nassau excursion, you will make your way to Fort Fincastle, built in 1793 and used as a bastion of defense with 12 canons and 1 howitzer among its armament. In later years it served as a lighthouse to guide naval traffic in its waters.

While here, take a few minutes to ascend the 66 limestone steps of the Queen's Staircase named in honor of Queen Victoria. Built by 18th century slaves, this staircase allegedly connected the fort to Nassau City.

We'll then head for lunch and share some Pirate Stories with crew at the Pirate Republic Brewery in downtown Nassau. 

All guests will receive an admission ticket to the Pirate Museum of Nassau. The museum is a short stroll from the Pirate Republic. Please enjoy the museum at your leisure, it's open until 5:30 pm. There is plenty to see at the Straw market and many other shops and stores in Nassau. All within 10-15 minutes of the ship.


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